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Individual Therapy

Intake diagnostic session- $230, (CPT 90791)


45-50 minute session- $190, (CPT 90834)


30 minute session- $115, (CPT 90832)


60 minute session- $230, (CPT 90837)

Parenting Support

Intake diagnostic session- $230, (CPT 90791)


45-50 minute family therapy session with client present- $190, (CPT 90847)

45-50 minute family therapy without client present- $190, (CPT 90846)

Sports Consultation

Individual Athlete sessions are billed at the same rate as Individual Therapy.

Please contact Brighter Side for more information on pricing for full team, coach, or parent workshops.

Insurance Statement

Brighter Side Therapy is an out of network provider with all insurance companies. Clients will receive a monthly superbill for all sessions and charges. This superbill can be submitted by the client to their insurance company to receive any potential reimbursement. CPT codes are included next to all session rates, clients are encouraged to call their insurance provider to confirm their out of network coverage for each code. 

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